Marine Salvage

Underwater Search and Recovery Its Present Level Of Technology (Date: 19/10/2021)

The Indian Ocean Region (IOR) is becoming the center of intense global attention for various reasons. It contains two thirds of the world’s proven oil reserves, one third of the world’s natural gas, 90% of the world’s diamonds, 60% of the world’s uranium and 40% of the world’s gold, making it potentially the single largest…

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Underwater Search and Recovery: A reference to develop a regulatory framework for the Indian Ocean Region

The Indian Ocean Region (IOR) is strategically gaining substantial relevance, resulting in massive maritime build-up both militarily and otherwise. The economic aspect of it’s importance is highlighted by the fact that the IOR is the most critical area globally, in terms of international energy and commerce that crosses these waters . Container traffic through the…

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    The conventional approach of each of the stakeholders pursuing their own UDA* efforts has serious limitations given the highly resource intensive field experimental research initiative required for a long period. Click here for more